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Gayle and Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff

City of Hope, a highly renowned cancer research and treatment centre in America, formed the Gayle Brinkenhoff Symposium with Revitalash® on 17 September 2014 to help further knowledge of BRCA-related breast cancer. With a dedicated team of experts they are now leading the way in medical research, providing more comprehensive studies on this particular aspect of the disease than anywhere else in the world.


BRCA: four basic letters that represent a complicated cellular process with potentially devastating consequences. BRCA1 and BRCA2 are inherited mutations in the gene that considerably heighten the threat of breast and ovarian cancer. The Gayle Brinkenhoff Symposium has devised a forum in which research scientists can share their discoveries with and work together with healthcare professionals to propose ways in which the illness can be treated more effectively. With the cooperation of the great scientific minds this may become a possibility in the near future.


RevitaLash® Cosmetics is fully dedicated to the Gayle Brinkenhoff Symposium and discovering more about BRCA, with the ultimate aim of eradicating it entirely. The founder of RevitaLash®, Dr Brinkenhoff, lost his wife Gayle to metastatic breast cancer and to keep her memory and work alive is strengthening cancer research and education initiatives for future generations.


“My wife Gayle spent over a decade fighting metastatic breast cancer before she discovered the underlying reason for her disease was a BRCA mutation. Our family’s greatest hope is that this symposium will be a valuable tool to better understand and treat this disease, and will serve as a memorial to someone who exemplified courage, compassion and grace throughout her life.”


The Gayle Brinkenhoff Symposium is a all-day conference used to discuss any new research findings that could help cure breast cancers caused by genetic mutations. America’s top experts analyse the complexities of gene damage and repair as well as molecular oncology, DNA repair, tailored therapies, risk and diagnosis tools and the moral and legal complications that come with genetic testing.


This information traded between experts will undoubtedly bring about clear advantages for both current and future cancer patients. With its unwavering dedication to the cause, RevitaLash® Cosmetics and City of Hope will create a never-before-seen era of cancer genetics research, saving countless lives.


Who are RevitaLash® Cosmetics?
RevitaLash® is an innovative cosmetic brand and global frontrunner in progressive lash, brow and hair enhancing products. Formed in 2006, their extensive range includes RevitaLash® Advanced, Nouriche®, RevitaBrow® Advanced, RevitaLash® Volumizing Mascara, RevitaLash® Volumizing Primer, RevitaLash® Fine Line Primer, RevitaLash® Spotlight Highlighting Pencil, and RevitaLash Raven 12 Hour Eyeliner. These can be found in physician’s offices, premium spas, salons, and specialty retailers all over the world. RevitaLash® proudly backs non-profit breast cancer research and donates a percentage of all proceeds to help find a cure. To find out more about the company, its ethics and product range, please visit


Who are City of Hope?
City of Hope is a highly renowned cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening disease research and treatment centre in America. It is known as a comprehensive cancer centre, which is the hgihest recognition bestowed upon any facility by the National Cancer Institute. City of Hope also helped to set up the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, which establishes research and treatment protocols for America. City of Hope is based in Duarte, California, and was named one of "America's Best Hospitals" for cancer by the U.S. News & World Report. has been a pioneer in bone marrow transplantation and genetics since 1913. To find out more, please visit


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City of Hope is a leading research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases.

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